All Cooped Up!

Have you made any of McKenna Ryan’s quilts?
 Last year (or the year before…can’t remember exactly when!!!),
we started working on All Cooped Up at my Cherry Blossom Quilters Guild
and I just had to show you Mary’s:
She used wool for all of her chicks and roosters. I finished quilting it Sunday
She used Leona E. Price’s Eggs Chicks 4-Sale pattern for the cornerstones in the border.
After seeing hers turn out so beautiful, I was inspired to continue working on mine.
The appliques are so tiny, the blocks finish at only 8″!
I’m using McKenna’s fabrics, and they are absolutely gorgeous.
These are two of my blocks ready to be stitched down

Now there are only 7 more to go… I’ve already traced and fused everything,
only have to cut all those tiny little pieces…

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  1. WoolenSails says:

    I love the quilting you did on her quilt, really enhances the blocks and the designs. I see she is waiting to add the embellishments, I always forget to do that and then I can't quilt it, lol. I love the fabrics you are using, really nice shades.


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