I’m still here…

Just been soooo busy working on some new patterns,
but I did start on a little wool project for a gift using this pattern
by Michelle of The Raspberry Rabbits
And you know me, I LOVE bright fabrics, so here, I’m using hand dyed wools from
the Woolylady – they’re so yummy!
I used Pellon’s Wonder Under 805, but didn’t want to trace the templates,
so once again, I decided to give my Ink-Jet printer a try and
it worked great, with no mess to clean up!
I attempted this a while back, but it didn’t go so well, lol…
so this time, I made sure there were no curly corners
on the side of the paper being fed into the printer,
and no loose fusible, crossed my fingers, and…
phew! it worked perfectly!!!
so from now on, I will be printing away.
Next, I want to try with Steam-A-Seam…
I’ll let you know how that goes 😀

-Michelle, thanks for the beautiful pattern!

But I do love ALL fabrics – not only brights, so last week, on a trip
to a LQS with a friend, I came home with this gorgeous
Circa 1934 fabric by Cosmo Cricket
I fell in love with those numbers – aren’t they fun?
I bought enough to use them in the border… if it has a border, or the backing…
I don’t know what pattern I’ll use; have been playing in EQ, but not there yet,
but this is the next quilt I hope to work on.
I’m a member of this fun Wonky Bee and May is my month,
so here’s what my block looks like
Wonky circles for me!
My little kits went out last week and hope most
of my Wonky Bee’s have received them…
I’ve been a little worried since I stuffed those little 6×9 envelopes
to death, including a little spool of thread…
yeah, I’m nuts and probably should have used a better envelope, ha!
Some of the fabric is from the QuiltCon Block Challenge… couldn’t resist,
guess I’ll have to get more for the challenge, lol.
Well, got to go fold patterns…
Hope you’re having an awesome Sunday!

0 thoughts on “I’m still here…

  1. rubyslipperz says:

    Very cute project in the works! In all logic…it makes sense to STUFF those postal packages…the postage for one weee leeetle thing is pretty expensive. Hope you special, loving packages make it to their destinations…and hope you have a great Sunday too =)


  2. Madame Samm says:

    Ohhh Cherry…love your RR project…very cool…and the circa fabric out of this world actually…you know what would look great…a hop scotch pattern…or letters to dear abby…lol. of course I would be in the same dilemma..not sure what would be the perfect pattern lol. great fabric and wonky dots…oh yeah…

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