New Baby!

So excited to have a new baby girl in the family!
and I’m making this cute little quilt for her!
Using a Moda Bakeshop pattern
“Neighborhood Charm” by Debbie
of Esch House Quilts and soft pink fabrics… Yum!
Not sure if I should appliqué her full name
or just a large letter A…
What do you think?

0 thoughts on “New Baby!

  1. Rebecca Grace says:

    I love monograms AND names on baby quilts. I would spell out her first name in smaller, less ornate font, then put a big fancy scroll monogram initial for her last name in the middle, and then spell out her middle name on the right side in the same font you used for her first name. New parents put so much thought throughout the pregnancy into picking the perfect combination of names for their baby, so I like to showcase the whole name on the quilt that way for babies. Your pink and gray houses are adorable and have a very Parisian chic charm to them. Love it!

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