Where has time gone???

Yikes, it’s been quite a while since my last post! I’ve been doing a little bit of catching up with all sorts of things, including my Wonky Bee block for Georgia

Isn’t it fun? I enjoyed working on it so much, I decided to make one for myself and hope to do the same with all my bee-gals’ in our  2012 Wonky Bee

Last weekend, I worked on this gigantic quilt for one of my LQS’s Mystery Quilt Retreat
 *it is a 120″x120″ monster* – I was a little worried I’d never finish it, lol

And look at this darling thing that came in the mail
It is soooo cute! My sweet friend made it to scrub my applique pressing sheet
not sure I want to get it dirty…. way to cute!

So… last week I spent 4 fabulous days hooking…Rug Hooking that is. Last year, one of my friends told me about the Rug Hooking Seminar she attends every February in Baton Rouge, and of course, I was all ears!!! This is one of those crafts, like quilting, I’ve always wanted to try, so last summer, the seminar’s organizer taught an introductory class for all of the new gals attending the seminar using this little pattern by Bea Brock

Well, Seminar was quite educational, and oh so relaxing.
The biggest surprise was working with color: it is nothing like planning a quilt, but by the 3rd day I was feeling a lot more confident, thanks to my wonderful teacher, Kathryn Meentemeyer of Dream Catcher Designs. I didn’t get very far on my project, especially after re-doing my little bird, and guess what? I still don’t like it! I think it’s mainly the color…

think I’m going to hook him again in soft aqua tones… don’t you think that would be prettier?
The dark teal is my background color

These are the wonderful hand-dyed wools I bought for my rug

tools of the trade

Another thing I learned is that a hooked rug pattern is nothing like our quilting patterns. Rugs are hooked on to a canvas, which in the past was burlap, but they’ve found it only lasts about 10 years!!! Not a good thing when you spend so much time working on these rugs, anyways, most rug hooking patterns are sold as a design that has been transferred on to a linen or cotton warp canvas, and you only get to use that design once! Not that I would ever do it again, lol… And then, that’s it, it’s up to you what size strips and color wool you use to hook your rug; so when you go to one of these camps/seminars, the teachers will “color plan” your rug with you…very helpful indeed 🙂

                                  Have you ever tried hooking?

0 thoughts on “Where has time gone???

  1. Christine L says:

    Cherry.. I LOVE YOUR Orange Wonky Block… Wait till I tell Georgia.. she is gonna love it!! I haven't tried any type of Hooking..hehehe… but it looks like you are having lots of fun! Take care and it's good to see you online!! 🙂

  2. WoolenSails says:

    I like your little bird, the only thing I would change is his beak, gets lost in the body.
    With hooking, it is better to wait before you pull things out, sometimes as you hook around them, the bird will come alive, but if you still don't like it, you can still pull it out, the nice thing about hooking.


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