0 thoughts on “2nd finish for 2012!!!

  1. Valerie says:

    Your feather Christmas tree quilt is beautiful. Is the pattern for sale somewhere? I've been searching quite a while this morning…. I see people asked for the pattern to be on sale in the earlier post where you had the giveaway and made up kits as gifts. Please, please let me know this is for sale. I would love to make it up for next Christmas. Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog.

  2. Gmama Jane says:

    Beautiful work and I love the Tree! Such a simple yet elegant design. Plus, I love your music! I've never heard this artist before but I need to find him so I can put it on my shuffle playlist. Such beautiful relaxing music.
    Gmama Jane

  3. Margaret says:

    I got mine in the mail on Monday but I have not had a chance to start it yet. My family will be here to celebrate Christmas next weekend and I still have to finish three quilts before then. I also have to finish shopping and wrap every thing. So as soon as that is over, I will definitely be working on it. Thank you so much for choosing me to win the kit.

  4. Nana says:

    Wow, I can´t believe how wonderful this looks like. I wonder what pattern it is. You made a great, great job and I think you´re an artist in quilting.


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