a third hand…

I’m so glad I brought The Cutting Gizmo home with me!
It’s the perfect tool to separate chains…
…like having a third hand!
It has a nice weight
and a rubber bottom that keeps it in place
so it doesn’t fall over as you work.
This is definitely a “tool” and wish I’d given it a try sooner!
Now it sits next to my sewing machine
and makes my chain separating go soooo fast.
I love it!
Have you tried any new gadgets lately?

0 thoughts on “a third hand…

  1. Marian says:

    How absolutely cool, a tool I didn't even know about. Now I'm going to have to have it, as I absolutely love chaining when piecing and I can see how wonderful that would be to have. Ok, so off to the hunt to find me one. 🙂

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