Day Five…

…in the Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop!
and today I get to show you some
of my fall blocks °Ü°
I’ll start with these two little blocks…
I was in one of my LQSs the other day
and just kept looking at this
fun, bright fabric,
so finally, I had to bring it home
with me and make these Funky Fall Blocks
I then put them together and made this runner
That day, I also found the fabric I used
to make these fun little owls
using my Drunkard’s Path GO! dies
I had so much fun with this Wise Little Guys block,
especially when it came time for their little eyes!
When I started thinking about what to
make for this hop,
I kept thinking about my favorite things
around this time of year,
and candy corn just kept coming to mind…
so I had to make me a Candy Corn Flower Block
 And to Celebrate the Color of Fall
I made this block…. love the little pear fabric 
 I think I need to make a few more things with
this fabric, don’t you think?
This block with it’s Gold Leaves
is made with another GO! die
in my stash…
Now this Pumpkins on the Fence Block
is not exactly “hop” block size,
but I definitely had to show it to you…
They’re supposed to be pumpkins….
my bright fabric choices remind me of bell peppers, he he!
Don’t you agree??? LOL!
My sweet friend Katherine helped us make this little quilt
at one of our Guild meetings.
And this Three Little Pumpkins runner
 started out with this block… 
 forgot to take pictures before I put it together….
And that binding was a bear,
but worth the trouble.
Are you loving all these Blog Hops?
Thank you Mdm Samm for making them possible
and cheering us on!!!
Now… do you remember this quilt?
Would you like the pattern?
In appreciation for you stopping by to
see all my little blocks,
I’m giving away one of my Autumn Bliss patterns
to two of my sweet visitors.
To enter, leave a comment
telling me what you love most about fall.
I will choose the winners next
Tuesday, Oct. 9.
Please visit the other bloggers
participating today, Friday 5


0 thoughts on “Day Five…

  1. Sunshine Girl says:

    Wow these are all fabulous – you have been really busy! I love the row of pumpkins and the wreath quilt is wonderful so thanks for the chance to win it. My favourite thing about the autumn is going for walks with my children and kicking through the leaves! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sharon says:

    All your blocks are lovely and I would really enjoy a copy of you pattern it is also lovely. Fall well I love the colors, the crisp renewal of the air, the harvest moon and the wonderful apple dumplings…….take care and thank you.

  3. Vroomans' Quilts says:

    Oh, you 'leaf' me blown away! Where did you find the time? There are so many things I love about the Fall – colors, smells, deserts of the season, apples and squash and pumpkins, cooler weather good for snuggling under a quilt.

  4. Heleen Groot says:

    Those blockes are leafing me breathless. They look lovely. The best thing about fall for me……it ends! I do not like fall at all, even if I am slightly reconsidering my strong dislike of this particular season thanks to this hop….. In my mind, fall is a totally useless blur of rain, mushy leaves an wind under a grey sky. Maybe I just live in the wrong country…that might be it!

  5. Sue says:

    I love your little pumpkins in a row. It is wonderful as are the rest of your blocks. People keep asking and I keeping telling! I love fall because it means the end of a long hot, humid summer. Here in Florida, everyone is waiting for cool!

  6. Lesley says:

    Cherry, your projects are awesome and adorable! Love the way how your creativity has no end! The fabrics are just so perfect…love the dresden and that pumpkin runner is too cute! I love the colors of fall…which you have depicted perfectly in this post. Well done!

  7. charlotte says:

    Oh my goodness! So many wonderful eye candies!! I love them all. As I scrolled down I kept say oooo and ahhh. Each one better the the last. Great stuff Cherry!

  8. Sheila says:

    Wow, you were a busy lady. Not sure which one I like best, I think the candy corn one is at the top of my list. My favorite thing about fall is the smell of fresh fallen leaves. Thanks for being part of the "Leafs me Happy" hop.

  9. Thearica says:

    Your work always makes me smile! Love those pumpkin table runners!

    My favorite part of fall is the cool, crisp air! I am hot natured so summer is always a welcome relief to see "get gone!" 🙂

  10. Wendy says:

    Wow, such amazing projects. I love the drunken owls!!

    I'm really struggling with the question as I don't love autumn at all! We had a wet and windy summer and autumn is usually wet and windy, I just want it over with this year!

  11. krislovesfabric says:

    That candy corn block is wonderful as are your other projects…as for a fave fall thing…I've got to go with fall festivals. That pattern of yours looks stunning and I'd love to try it. Thanks for all you've done to make this hop a huge success…lovin' all the entries 🙂

  12. Kathy H says:

    There are a lot of things to love about fall, the cooler weather and those beautiful colors are my 2 favorites. Wonderful blocks. ANd very inspiring. Especially the candy corn.

  13. Aurea says:

    What isn't to like about fall, great weather, wonderful smells of nature and back to routine for everyone. Thanks for sharing your creations, they are wonderful and inspiring.

  14. Madame Samm says:

    Ahhhh ORANGE you're just full of fall…but it is your owls that really caught my eye….each piece should be in a quilt museum…ok, maybe not…we would not be able to see them here…. LOVE them all Cherry…and I think yes I do….go and see…

  15. Colleen says:

    I love the colors of fall, they are so happy and comforting to me. I also look forward to fall because my birthday is in October and I can only remember twice having rain on my birthday in my entire life. That would mean that Fall weather is the best with it's crisp air and scent of leaves falling! Your blocks are great, thanks for sharing!

  16. JCnNC says:

    All your blocks are wonderful and right on – very unique. Most loved about Fall is the colors of Fall – soothing, vibrant, unique and beautiful eye candy. Judy C in NC

  17. patchouli moon studio says:

    Oh Cherry all your creations are just wonderful. You really were a busy bee! I love them all. So cute is the owl drunkard path. I love all the appliqued ones. I would love a chance at winning the pattern. My favorite thing about fall besides the cooler weather is the Balloon Fiesta here in New Mexico and eating homemade soup too. Okay that's more than one favorite, but there are just too many things I like about fall and I haven't told you them all.

  18. Pauline says:

    What a show! You had my attention right from the start! Great colors, great fabric, the one even cuter than the other. Your owls are so sweet!
    My favorite thing about fall is kicking in the leaves when walking in the woods, the sound, colors and smell…. hmmmmm!

  19. Rachel says:

    What wonderful fall quilting goodness. My favorite thing(s) about fall are jeans and sweaters. Bonfires outside and fires in the fireplace at night.

  20. Anonymous says:

    As usual, your stuff is just the cutest! I really enjoy seeing the things you do! Thanks for sharing with us! Sue Ellen

  21. Just Carol says:

    Oh, my…what a beautiful Fall stroll through your post–I loved them all! Those little owl eyes looking at me were just adorable and the candy corn was yummy looking. I have your Autumn Bliss pattern and gave it a try. Mine does not look as beautiful as yours so I'll have to work harder on it. :O)

  22. Needled Mom says:

    Your work is just gorgeous!!! I love the DP owls!!!! That is so clever. The random block runner is beautiful is the pumpkin one. Your home must look beautiful at this time of the year.

    My favorite thing about autumn walking about taking in the crisp air and luscious colors.

  23. Truffle queen says:

    Good Heavens! ALL these blocks! One better than the next! I love the change of colors in the Fall – and all the homemade soups and pies!! Harvest time!! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful blocks, runners, hangings, etc! All absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing, for leading this block, and for the chance to win the beautiful pattern! Cheers!!!

  24. JanesQuilting says:

    You do beautiful work. Each one is seems to have a personality of their own. My favorite thing in Fall….we had one very hot summer, so I am welcoming the cool weather with open arms.

  25. Suze says:

    All your blocks are dynamite. My favorite thing about fall is the fact that the blistering hot days of summer in OK are coming to end. Winter is coming. I love the smell of fall in the air. I love to smell folks burning wood in the fireplace. I love to snuggle under a quilt.

    Thank you for a great, great hop. And, thank you for hosting a giveaway.

  26. Melinda says:

    That owl block is genius! As for fall, October has my birthday, my niece's birthday, my daughter's birthday and my nephew's birthday on Halloween, then my son is early in November. It's a real celebratory time around here!

  27. Lyn says:

    I love all the beautiful colors of fall. Now you really did use beautiful bright colors. I loved the owls and I would love the pattern. Thanks so much for all your work!!! wonderful hop.

  28. SIMPLESEW says:

    I do love all the wonderful colors and blocks. yes they look like bell peppers, but I would love it all the time year round.. LOL. I love all the family activities we have because not only are we changing seasons, preparing for the holidays but everyone in my family has birthdays. So we see a lot of each other and I have five new gandbabies under 4, so this will probably be one of my favorite years. Yes it gand not grand. I am Gandma.. well, Dexter says Damnmaw but he will grow out of it. HOPEFULLY… lol

  29. Nancy: says:

    I love all the beautiful colors of fall and of course the cooler temperatures. I also love your work.

  30. Carin says:

    I love the things you have made … they are realy "FALLish" (great to make a new word).
    Things I love about fall is that I have always my birthday then 🙂 but I also love the colorchanges of the leaves and the smell of autumn in the forrest.

  31. Chris says:

    What I love best about fall is the way people seem to come together after a busy summer. The kids are in school, families preparing for winter and the holidays……..and your pattern! Of course you have so many fantastic projects I just can't choose one.

  32. deborah says:

    OMG, I'd see one of your creations and say "I love that"…then I saw the candy corn flower…SO loved that, but then I scrolled down more…and more…ok, I love it all!! Thanks for sharing and for sponsoring this wonderful hop!!!! What I love best about Fall…cooler weather and the colors!

  33. Nellie Duclos says:

    Cherry-Your creativity is boundless and so inspiring. I love the colors nature provides us with during the fall, but best of all it's apple pie time. My granny smith tree supplies tart, delicious fillings for pies that provide the wonderful scent of warm cinnamon, cooking apples and flaky crust. Thanks for sharing your talents with us and the opportunity for a fantastic pattern giveaway

  34. kathy says:

    Fall is my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors of leafs on the trees. I also love how the weather gets crisper and cooler. Fall is great and so is your beautiful wreath pattern!

  35. Katherine says:

    Oh, how delightful, Cherry! So many fun and fantastic ideas for blocks. The owls made from drunkard path blocks? Truly inspired and ever-so-adorable. Then there's the turkey dresden block and those gorgeous pumpkins… you outdid yourself! Thanks for all the inspiration you've shared and for being our wonderful hostess and cheerleader for this hop.

  36. Pierro says:

    Rosemary B Here:
    wow WOW wow all of your creations are just soooo wonderful
    You are really creative, love the color combos
    Thank you for sharing — so inspiring.

    My favorite thing about Fall is the cooler temps and colorful leaves.

  37. Judy B says:

    So much eye candy, wonderful creations! You have been a great Hostess for this hop. Thank you for sharing and the great giveaway, would love to have that pattern.

  38. Scrapbook-ChickADoodle says:

    You always amaze and inspire me. Love your work and your blog. I don't think I could possibly pick a favorite as they are all sew wonderful!

    I'd love your pattern. Favorite thing about fall…..slightly cooler weather in Texas, warm enough in the day for shorts, cool enough in evening for walks with DH and dogs.

  39. Linda Crosby says:

    Love, Love all of your work…My favorite part of fall besides the cooler temps is all of the great colors Mother Nature gives us and all is free for the taking. So much to be thankful for. Thank You for giving us the chance to win.

  40. Leslie says:

    What I'm loving about Fall right now is all of the incredible projects I'm seeing on this blog hop. I hope I don't have to pick a favorite from your site because I love them all…..okay…..I went back for a second look at the candy corn.

  41. BizyStitches says:

    OH my, you really shared a lot of fun blocks. Very creative. Thanks. Fall for me has many meanings, but the favorite one is knowing that the NBA basketball games will soon begin.

  42. Mommarock says:

    I love the cooler weather any more. I used to love the turning of the leaves, but I don't see it so much anymore now that I've moved to TX. Not so many trees, and the weather doesn't turn like it did up north. I'll just be happy it isn't in the 100s anymore

  43. Carrie P. says:

    OH, my goodness, Cherry! all your projects are so great. Love them all especially that owl block. too cute.
    thanks for a chance to win the pattern. My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather.

  44. Tricia says:

    Ohhhh Cherry…. wonderful wonderful blocks!! I'm just swooning over Golden Leaves (I LOVE LOVE any oakleaf & reel pattern) and The Autumn BLiss. I love to applique and hope to save up my pennies for this pattern but if I'm Really Really lucky… I could win it and have it made in time for my birthday Next month!!. Thank You for hosting … I'm haveing a wonderful time both as a 1st time participate and Hopper too. Thank You for sharing you treasure with us and the chacne to win the Absolute Beaufitul Pattern!


  45. Cindy says:

    Wow…you were a busy gal! Lots of fun blocks. I think I love the candy corn the best, never seen that before. And I have to give a shout out to those cute owls!

  46. Britt-Inger says:

    You have made sew many wonderful projects. I love them all, but most of all the owls. They are adorable. My favorite in fall is the wonderful color of the leafs.
    Thanks for sharing

  47. ritainalaska says:

    yumm, love all the blox and runners and particulary the appliqued 'autumn bliss' quilt with the bird. yes! would love to win the pattern! love all the fall colors, my favorite thing about fall! thanx for the chance to win it.

  48. Loris says:

    Love the sweet pumpkin blocks! Hard not to love everything about fall but my favorite thing might be all the colors…in leaves, the beautiful sky and in the decorations 🙂

  49. Helen says:

    What Fun Fabric and What Fun Blocks. So many creative people! My favorite part of fall is–I have a list–warm days and cool nights, beautiful color of the leafs, the calmness all around and hearing the sound of a football game while diner is in the crockpot and I can sew!

  50. Barb N says:

    Wow – lots of fun projects you've come up with! My favorite thing about fall are the colors, smells and the return to comfort foods with the cooler weather. Oh – and my BD, which happens to be Tuesday. Not gonna tell you how young I am, though. The number just seems surreal.

  51. evelyn says:

    Such fun bright fabrics! I LOVE your Wise Little Guys! So many great little blocks. Your P's on the fence are cute, no matter what you call them! Thanks for sharing. Your Autumn Bliss pattern is a fantastic giveaway.

  52. sandra says:

    I loved all of your sweet blocks they were just adorable and especially love the Autumn Bliss Pattern. I love so many things about the fall, the leaves changing color, pumpkins ,Halloween and lastly Thanksgiving. Blessings to all on this our (Canadian) thanksgiving weekend. Sandra

  53. Sheila says:

    So many beautiful projects , love those little owls , so cute . My favorite thing about fall would be all the gorgeous colors we have ,good for the soul. Thanks for sharing .

  54. Ellis2Roam says:

    Thank you for hosting this hop, what fun. I liked your table runner with the pumpkins. What I love about the fall is the color, smell of fires and at our Thanksgiving we get to spend time with our entire family. It is so much fun to see how much all the grandbabies have grown. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

  55. Margaret says:

    Every fall they put on a Halloween Weekend at our local state park. We take our camper and we spend the weekend. It is usually awesome with lots of oak leaves on the ground and a very fun spooky walk. We laughed so hard the first year I almost peed my pants. Then the little kids all dress up and go from campsite to campsite to trick or treat.

  56. Laurie says:

    I love the whole "back to school" feeling! New pencils, fresh crisp paper – a new outfit and new shoes (I'm 50 and I still get a new "back to school" outfit every year!), sweaters, the beauiful fall foliage…I love EVERYTHING about Fall! Thanks for a chance to win – laurie

    llsbaskets at comcast dot net

  57. Gwen says:

    I SO love all of your beautiful Fall blocks— they're all so pretty that I can not decide which is my favorite! 🙂

    One of the best things about Fall is the cool, crisp nights! We love to sit out on the swing on our back porch, snuggle up in a cozy quilt and just enjoy the refreshing air… 🙂

    Thank you so much for the chance to win that wonderful pattern– it is lovely!!

  58. Jeanne Gwin says:

    Oh Cherry, amazing things you do. You Leaf me speechless (almost LOL) I think everything you have done is outstanding. My favorites are the owls, the candy corn and the Three Little Pumpkin runner, adorable. I do have to comment on the one fabric that graces the end of your funky fall runner reminds me of DNA and The Big Bang Theory. Thanks for sharing and I enjoy everything about fall but walking in the woods with my dear hubby is my favorite.

  59. Kathy says:

    I love your blocks, especially the pumpkin table runner. You do such beautiful work! I really enjoy the beautiful colors of fall. I also love the cool, crisp air after a long, hot summer! Thanks for a chance to win your beautiful pattern!

  60. Karen says:

    I love crunching leaves under my feet. The sound and the feel is just so unique to fall. Love your owls and all of your pumpkins. They are all just adorable!

  61. Peg says:

    I love your quilts…Beautiful. I love fall…the feel of a quilt on my lap that I am working on…Leaves falling….maybe a little fire in the fireplace to take the chill off.

  62. Fiesta says:

    Thank you for the chance Cherry. I just purchased one of your patterns at a quilt show last week. Here in central florida, we get one more opportunity to see every thing bloom again. The pollen level is making us all sick, but the blooms on the plants are spectacular. It us the final display before we head into winter.

  63. Gina says:

    All of your projects are awesome and I'm really loving the Drunkards Path owls! I made turtles using the Drunkards Path design. I love the cooler temps & colors of fall! Thank you for inspiring us today!

  64. Frances says:

    Sew many pretty ideas and you still have time to be cheerleader. Wow! I love the crisp air and beautiful colors as the leaves first turn. Love the Dresden plate and the cute little pumpkin runner.

  65. LJ says:

    You are unbelievably creative. Fantastic blocks! Each one was just so cute I couldn't decide on a favorite. The runner was amazing with the points; I can only imagine the process for adding the binding. WOW! Looks great from here. The pattern for the wreath is darling and I love the bird at the top. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  66. Sewgirl says:

    You have done a marvelous job with the organizing of this blog hop, and a fabulous job with all of your projects. I honestly don't know where you find all the time.

  67. Robin says:

    My, but you went all out! They are all fabulous! The Dresden plate and the wreath are my favorite. But then who doesn't love a good row of pumpkins?! Wonderful job!

  68. Cathy says:

    All the Fall goodness you created is wonderful. So much fun! Love those Owls!

    Cool weather is my favorite thing about Fall. This is our second spring.

  69. Sandi says:

    Your blocks and designs are lovely. I enjoy the crisp mornings with a hint of frost. Afternoons that warm the soul along with the amazing blue skies and lovely sunsets.

    The colours of the changing leaves and the piles you see around the trunks. Pumpkins that are ripening on the vine and showing up for sale at markets along with the autumn flowers and vegetables.

    Thanks for the chance to win your lovely pattern.

  70. Titamomo says:

    hummm…. the change that fall brings into our lives, concsiously or not, it makes me want to make changes, get the old out to make room for the new… I LOVE your Autumn pattern and would love to make it too! Thank you for the change to win it.

  71. Elaine says:

    Love the Fall season — means the temps in TX may actually start dropping. This weekend actually felt like Fall in Ohio. I love your blocks, and your Autumn wreath.

  72. Pam says:

    Hiya Cherry! MY you have been busy, love all your work. My favorite thing about fall is the smell—musty leaves as you walk on them, smoke from woodstoves, fireplaces and bonfires, crisp apple and cinnamon from cider and baking pies, spices from pumpkin pies (now I'm getting hungry lol). So much to love about autumn. Thank you for sharing your lovely designs and for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!

    playamom57 at yahoo dot com

  73. Sharon says:

    Love all your blocks, but all of the pumpkins are my favorite. I would never try to bind a quilt like your Three Little Pumpkins runner, lol. I'm too lazy to try something that difficult. It sure is unique, though. Thanks for heading up this hop and for the giveaway.

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