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Did you enjoy our Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Shows on Facebook?

We all had such a good time, Tammy and I decided we needed to continue the fun, so we are so excited to have a new Facebook Live event, this time all about tips and techniques by a fun and oh so talented group of designers, so I hope you’ll visit their Facebook pages and perhaps learn something new this week!

We will be posting on both Facebook and Instagram from May 5-9, on the hour, 12pm to 8pm EST. This is the schedule:


May 5
12pm     Cherry Guidry – launch

12:30pm               Janellea Macbeth                         

1pm       Jen Frost                                   

2pm       Teresa Weaver        
2:30pm Jo Westfoot – The Crafty Nomad Jo Westfoot – The Crafty Nomad
3pm       Becca Fenstermaker (Pretty Piney Quilts)    
4pm       Michelle Renee Hiatt
4:30pm Margaret Willingham-Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design
5pm       Marlene Oddie
5:30pm Annie Unrein
6pm       Leanne Parsons
7pm       Jennifer Fulton

7:30pm Reed Johnson
8pm       Tammy Silvers – launch

May 6
12pm     Sue Pelland                      
1pm       Annette Ornelas         
2pm       Kate Colleran         
3pm       Melissa Marginet            
4pm       Jackie Kunkel           
5:30pm Melissa Merriman Harr

6pm       Laura Piland                              
7pm       Terri Vanden Bosch
7:30pm Swan Sheridan
8pm       Annie Smith

May 7
12pm     Lynn Kane, Puppy Girl
1pm       Cristy Fincher
2pm       Debbie Wendt
3pm       Shelley Cavanna, Coras Quilts
4pm       Monique Kleinhans, Ladybug’s Cabin             
5pm       Heidi Pridemore     
6pm       Jerry Stube Designs
7pm       Simone Fisher, Simone Quilts

8pm       Nicole Moore, Sew Much Moore     

May 8
12pm     Becky Campbell
1 pm                      Tina Dillard – Quilting Affection Designs 9
2pm       Beth Helfter – EvaPaige Quilt Designs
3pm       Sherri Noel – Rebecca Mae Designs 
4pm       Kathleen McCormick – Kathleen McMusing 
5pm       On Williams Street – Kimie and Missy         
6pm       Andi Stanfield – True Blue Quilts
7pm       Nancy Scott – Masterpiece Quilting 
8pm       Lisa Ruble  

May 9
12pm     Sherry Shish
1pm       Cristina De Miranda / Ships & Violins
2pm       Toni Smith/Quiltoni
3pm       Hexadoodle Quilts/ Alison Stothard
4pm       Bobbie Gentili ~ The Geeky Bobbin
5pm       Ebony Love – LoveBug Studios
6pm       Carolina Moore
7pm       Kathryn LeBlanc of Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio      
8pm       Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis – wrap up presentation     

May 5

12:30pm               Cherry Guidry – launch

1:00pm Janellea Macbeth

1:30pm Jen Frost          

3:00pm Jo Westfoot – The Crafty Nomad

3:30pm Becca Fenstermaker (Pretty Piney Quilts)

4:30pm Michelle Renee Hiatt  @mshellhiatt

5:30pm Marlene Oddie

6:00pmET            Annie Unrein

6:30pm Leanne Parsons 

7:30pm Jennifer Fulton

8:00pm Reed Johnson

8:30pm Tammy Silvers – launch

May 6

12:30pm               Sue Pelland                 @suepellanddesigns

1:30pm Annette Ornelas @southwind_quilts

2:30pm Kate Colleran  @seamslikeadreamquilts

3:30pm Melissa Marginet @melissamarginet

4:30pm Jackie Kunkel

6:00pm Melissa Merriman Harr

6:30pm Laura Piland

7:30pm Terri Vanden Bosch

8:00pm Swan Sheridan

8:30pm Annie Smith

May 7

12:30pm               Lynn Kane, Puppy Girl

1:30pm Cristy Fincher

2:30pm Debbie Wendt

3:30pm Shelley Cavanna, Coras Quilts   

4:30pm Monique Kleinhans, Ladybug’s Cabin

5:30pm Heidi Pridemore

6:30pm Jerry Stube         Jerry Stube (@stubej) on Instagram • 1 photos and videos

7:30pm Simone Fisher, Simone Quilts

8:30pm Nicole Moore, Sew Much Moore

May 8        

12:30pm               Becky Campbell

1:30pm Tina Dillard – Quilting Affection Designs

2:30pm Beth Helfter – EvaPaige Quilt Designs

3:30pm Sherri Noel – Rebecca Mae Designs

4:30pm Kathleen McCormick – Kathleen McMusing

5:30pm On Williams Street – Kimie and Missy

6:30pm Andi Stanfield – True Blue Quilts

7:30pm Nancy Scott – Masterpiece Quilting

8:30pm Lisa Ruble

May 9

12:30pm               Sherry Shish

1:30pm Cristina De Miranda / Ships & Violins

2:30pm Toni Smith/Quiltoni

3:30pm Hexadoodle Quilts/ Alison Stothard

4:30pm Bobbie Gentili ~ The Geeky Bobbin

5:30pm Ebony Love – LoveBug Studios

6:30pm Carolina Moore

7:30pm Kathryn LeBlanc of Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio

8:30pm Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis – wrap up presentation

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