Farmer’s Wife

Are you enjoying pretty weather on your side of the world?
It’s so nice to see the sunshine and temps in the 70’s!
We’ve had one of the coldest winters in Louisiana
since I moved here and I am ready for warmer, dryer days.
I’m working on two projects that are keeping me pretty busy,
and will tell you all about them soon,
but I’m trying really hard to get in some “fun” therapy sewing
and started working on the beautiful Farmer’s Wife quilt
with my Monday gals over at the Library
The stories in the book are awesome
and to make it easier, I got Electric Quilt’s Farmer’s Wife add-on
which is perfect for piecing, appliqueing, or paper piecing the little blocks.

I’m using 3 charm packs and some yardage of It’s a Hoot by Momo

and Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson
since they work great together
So far I’ve cut 10 blocks
and sewn 4… 
they’re so cute finishing at 6″
I can’t wait to get all 110 blocks done!

Yikes, that’s a lot of little blocks, he he!

Have you made a Farmer’s Wife quilt?
This one has been on my wish list
for a long time…
it’s so exciting to finally start working on it!
                                                             Happy Monday,

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  1. Createology says:

    Your Farmers Wife blocks are super fun in these fabrics. I did begin making some of the blocks but not being a quilter I had lots of difficulties. I am not making all of them…only enough for a wall hanging. Thank you for sharing your joy with FW blocks. Creative Blissful Stitching…

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