It’s National Quilting Day!

Isn’t it awesome that we have a day dedicated to our fabulous art?
Yes, today is National Quilting Day!
So what will you do today?
You know it’s mandatory that you observe our special day, right?
Okay, maybe not, but for me,
I think I’ll be partying at some of my local quilt shops! Yay!
I’ve got to show you this fun little wall hanging
I started a few years ago
titled The Quilters
… that’s us, he he!
Nothing like visiting with quilty friends…
Check out those legs…
I love these little birds…
you know I just LOVE birds…
 …and trees
and how about these tiny shoes?
The Quilters is a design by Debi Hubbs
Well, I want to celebrate our obsession… I mean our hobby…
with a 20% discount on all my patterns, all day today, March 15, 2014!
Visit my website to start saving! °Ü°

0 thoughts on “It’s National Quilting Day!

  1. thesewingwren says:

    Oh my, how this quilt made me smile, then I looked closer and it really made me laugh… it's the shoes on the birds!!! Wonderful, really brightened up my day! Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes, Jay The Sewing Wren

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