It’s Day 3!

Facebook Live:

12pm     Lynn Kane, Puppy Girl
1pm       Cristy Fincher
2pm       Debbie Wendt
3pm       Shelley Cavanna, Coras Quilts
4pm       Monique Kleinhans, Ladybug’s Cabin             
5pm       Heidi Pridemore
6pm       Jerry Stube Designs
7pm       Simone Fisher, Simone Quilts

Instagram Live:

12:30pm          Lynn Kane, Puppy Girl

1:30pm Cristy Fincher

2:30pm Debbie Wendt

3:30pm Shelley Cavanna, Coras Quilts

4:30pm Monique Kleinhans, Ladybug’s Cabin

5:30pm Heidi Pridemore

6:30pm Jerry Stube Jerry Stube (@stubej) on Instagram • 1 photos and videos

7:30pm Simone Fisher, Simone Quilts

8:30pm Nicole Moore, Sew Much Moore

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