Scissors Love

I love any and all quilting techniques, okay, maybe not when it comes to binding, something I am trying to change, but one of my favorites is raw-edge-applique! I guess it’s the instant, or almost instant, gratification. Trace your design onto paper backed fusible, fuse onto the wrong side of fabric, cut on that traced line, and voila, you’re ready to fuse to your background and then, there it is… so much fun, but to have beautiful, sharp, raw edges, you must have good scissors, and so far, I’ve tried just about anything. I absolutely love EK Success’s Cutter Bee scissors…

…they are sharp, light weight, and have a nice precision-fine tip, making it easy to get into tight spots. Yet, I’m always on the hunt for new and better scissors, and this year at Houston, I bought Kai’s serrated scissors:
and am in Love with these. They’re just like they’re regular scissors: light weight, fit great around my fingers, and are very sharp, and I loved finding a set of three, for small to large areas. Of course, the fact that this technique is so quick means I have lots of little projects that have been fused, but are waiting to be sewn down and quilted… here are a few I plan to finish in 2013…oops, 2012:

The snowmen are Yo-Yos made with Clover’s Yo-Yo makers…
….yes, I do love gadgets! Oops, missing a Yo-Yo!
These guys are balloons – will add string once its quilted
I made this from a photo I took in Lancaster County, of course, I need to add a bit of shading, perhaps a little thread painting will work, along with a little paint
This tiny art quilt only measures 7″x 9″ – I hand dyed most of the fabrics
Okay, no much instant gratification…lots of small patchwork – hence the delay in finishing it!
And here is one of my favorites, but those berries where a pain to cut out 🙂
And almost forgotten: one of my first raw-edge projects; it’s time I get it done
Guess this one will be one of the firsts to work on, maybe I can have it done in time for Easter…2012…,13… okay, just kidding, 2012 for sure
I can’t believe I haven’t finished either of these two. I absolutely love the fun chickens…
…and the swirls in this Pickle Rd. quilt.
So, these are some of my New Year’s *GTD resolutions…

*Get Them Done

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