Wonky Blocks

Oh my word, I loooooove working on wonky blocks!
Absolutely no stress and ALL fun
just sew, cut, sew, cut, se…
 These blocks are for some of my Wonky Bee friends…
This is Stephanie’s Wonky Log Cabin
Beautiful fabric… the blue is sooo pretty
And this fun Wonky Cross is Kathleen’s
I must have some of this yummy aqua fabric!
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0 thoughts on “Wonky Blocks

  1. Rebecca Grace says:

    Okay, here goes my dumb question — how do you DO these wonky blocks? You say it's so much fun and all, but I would think it would be even harder to do this than a regular block. How do you make the pieces fit together when they are all different sizes?

  2. Colleen Anderson says:

    wonky suits me fine! I have enough trouble making points, straight seams, measuring, etc. that I am an art quilter for sure. Making wonky log cabins and such is right up my alley and I thank you for your post!

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