Bowls with Borders begins today!!!

And I can’t wait to see what all today’s bloggers have for us!
This Hop is hosted by the amazing Carol from Just Let Me Quilt
and the fabulous Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt

Today’s bloggers are:


Remember my Wonky-Mod-Circle quilt?

Well, my last set of blocks arrived last week!

 Yippee! Now I’m adding a little running stitch around each “circle:

I’ve gotten a few done!!!

Only 47 left to go, yikes, better get busy!
And don’t forget to join the Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop…

You have until August 17 to sign-up!

Happy hopping!


0 thoughts on “Bowls with Borders begins today!!!

  1. Cindy Eyre says:

    I ADORE your wonky circles! Did these blocks ever get made into a quilt — no judgment here, just a question ;0)? I would love to see it. Is there a "pattern" to these blocks? I would like to make one and need a little direction… Thanks!

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