New Fall Blog Hop!

What is your favorite time of year?
For me, it’s Fall!
…with it’s crisp, cooler temperatures,
the awesome colors of autumn all around…
going to the apple orchards
and coming home with every variety of apples available,
…can’t forget the pumpkin farm…
and gathering every shape and size you can fit into your trunk, lol!
…hot mulled cider….
Oh, I could go on and on *Ü*…

This year, I get to host my very first blog hop
with Madame Sam at Sew We Quilt!!!
The theme is FALL!!! Is that cool or what?
Thanks Madame Samm!
…it’s going to be sooooo fun
and hope you will jump in and join the 
October 1st through the 10th 

To sign-up, send me an email by August 17th..

with your I’m IN in the subject line

This is what you’ll need to have on your day:

1. An unfinished block 10.5 or 12.5 

2. USE any Fall fabric in any colour as long as it’s FALL colours 

3. Give your project a name…suggestions:
          Fall escape
          Turning a new Leaf
          SAD summer is Leafed…lol 

4. Take nice photos 

5. Do a giveaway or don’t ( optional)  

6. Place your creations on your scheduled day by midnight E.S.T. 

7. BE a cheerleader for all those who participate!

That’s it… super easy, and super fun!!!
I’ll be waiting…

0 thoughts on “New Fall Blog Hop!

  1. teresamnj says:

    Yippee!!! Love fall, love the smell of burnt leaves, love walking through crunchy leaves, love cool, crisp days, love sitting on my porch sipping a cup of hot chocolate!!!

  2. Tricia says:

    I'm all signed up & sooooooo excited!!!! Like a kid that has been hyped up all day on sugar and put in a small confined space!!! Bounce Bounce Bounce ….. I have even put the center together on one project for this. Getting ideas for the second piece …. and the third ….. the fourth … wait …. it there a limit on how many we can do? LOL 😉

    I so can't wait as I even led my blog with it this week.

    Okay off & bouncing….

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