Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 1, Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the Creative Spaces Blog Hop, it’s so good to have you join the fun!

I hope you’ll enjoy taking a look into our happy places over the next 6 weeks,

a different theme weekly, with daily postings and four fabulous sponsors: Aurifil, Bosal, Crafter’s Edge, Daylight.

We have 16 creatives sharing their spaces, tips, and perhaps a few giveaways!

July 9 through August 19!

Week 1: Studio Clean Up – before and after pics

Week 2: Favorite Tools

Week 3: Organizing Tips

Week 4: Dealing with Scraps and/or Fabric

Week 5: Dealing with Embellishments/Buttons/Thread

Week 6: Dealing with Tools/Rulers

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Week 1: Studio Clean-up

I spend a lot of time in my studio and I try to keep it tidy, so I try to clean-up as I go… it helps me to focus, but there are times when I just run out of time and chaos ensues!

This is a favorite corner in my happy little place, and oh what a mess! Preparing for BERNINA University a few weeks ago got a bit messy…  and this is pretty clean, lol!

You should see it before Market… usually looks like a tornado hit.

I keep all the fabric in my current collection in this cart (it’s easy to hide away if need be… but don’t tell!)

Oh goodness, it’s time to straighten this not-so-neat pile… and the cutting table, well, not too bad, right?

So I usually have several machines running at the same time!

Here I’m finishing the binding on this little quilt on my BERNINA 780…

…while embroidering quilt labels on my B880.

And my desk? Yup, just as crazy, haha! But I can find anything… I think…

Then, a week later and after a few hours of heavy labor… okay, it wasn’t that bad!

My happy little corner has returned to it’s peaceful state…

And the machines? Getting a little break!


Humm, time for a new project?

I think my Q24 is feeling a little neglected…

Even the ironing board is ready to get going on…

Wait, how about we give some of these cute panels away?

Visit daily, you never know what may happen :-)!


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Congratulations Nancy!

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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45 thoughts on “Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 1, Day 1

  1. Mary says:

    Your space looks like a happy place even when it is messy. I need to spend some serious organizing and purging in mine right now.

  2. Tami Thomas says:

    Beautiful and peaceful space. I could get a lot done in that room. I love the set up and will use some of your ideas, if that’s okay. I have found that it works better, for me anyway, to have different workspaces. I can still see that I have way far to go, but will get there.

    • Cherry says:

      Thanks Anita! There are times when it is a total disaster zone, haha! I’ll have to share pics next time that happens!

  3. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    Such a good feeling to have it straightened up so give yourself a pat on the back. The best part is what new project is on the hot plate now?

    • Cherry says:

      Hi Marilyn, life does get hectic, but follow along our hop and hopefully we’ll inspire you to get your creative space all organized! Hugs!!

  4. suzanprincess says:

    I think I have most of that–but in a quarter of the space! Makes moving around difficult, but better than not quilting.

  5. Susan says:

    I have tried to follow all of the blogs, however, some don’t have a feed that I can subscribe with, or their links aren’t active.

  6. Sharon Aurora says:

    I’m already getting big ideas on what I want to do with my room. This is already starting out as a fun blog hop.

  7. Katie says:

    What a happy, bright working space. Whether messy or clean, it’s very inviting and makes me want to come right in, sit down, and get creative. Thanks for hosting!

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  9. LJ says:

    Some mess in your studio but truly it’s not so bad that I couldn’t live with it. I love your white and pastel color palette. It looks like someplace I would enjoy.

    • Cherry says:

      Lol! I have to confess, this is not as messy as it can get, but I did manage to keep things in better order this time. I do love coming back from an event and cleaning the mess, I find it inspiring and it also clears my mind!

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  11. Debbie Howie says:

    Great job on your organization. It can be over whelming and such a mind game, do I need this? Am I going to finish this? When will I finish this? Exhausting……….but what a great feeling when done. Refreshed and ready to do something……

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  16. Kellie W. says:

    Great tour! I like to have a space and place for everything, and keep things as tidy as I can. I also like to recycle as much as I can. I use all of my larger empty thread pools to wrap binding I have made around and store for instance. I also found that I was keeping WAY too many magazines, so I just keep the patterns I Love in clear sheets in 3 ring binders. I love love my room, I wish I had more lighting I think, especially since I have gotten older and I have lupus and my eyesight is effected, but that’s an easy fix, and mayyyybe a bigger desk for the printing area, other than that I wouldn’t change anything in mine since I started from scratch and worked it the way I wanted it. Organization is key for me but that’s true in all parts of my life.

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  18. Katie Simonton says:

    OMG…I LOVE the flamingo…is it a lamp? Any info available on where I might find one? Your studio is lovely…and big-jealous. Thanks for sharing. Katie

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  22. Lori Morton says:

    This Hop/Tour has been soooo full of info & inspiration!! Thank you soooo much for all the work you did, putting this together.. & for all the great creative ladies we have met along the way here. 🙂 Hugs!!!

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